Our Dental Services

Dental x-rays, ultrasonic scaling, polishing and periodontal surgery are some of the procedures we offer to our patients.

Each year your pet receives an oral examination as part of their annual examination/vaccination. A complete oral examination is necessary in identifying abnormalities and forming a treatment plan. Many of the problems are quite apparent at this time while others must be evaluated using an anaesthetic.

Charting a patient’s mouth is the recording of abnormalities in a pet’s medical record for future reference or to design a treatment plan. Cats have 30 permanent teeth and dogs have 42 to keep track of.

The frequency of dental prophylaxis varies between each pet and is dependent on the stage of the disease and ability of a pet owner to offer preventative home care.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make you aware of the benefits of regular dental care. Just as you brush your teeth and have them professionally cleaned for good overall health and appearance, your pet requires the same care.