Here at Koru Vets, we love the “Golden Oldies”, those loyal, loving older pets that have been in the family for awhile and have created a raft of memories

We feel that age is not a disease but just another life stage we all have to go through but it does bring with it some challenges.

We offer special healthcare plans to closely monitor your pet as they age to make sure they have the potential for a long and healthy retirement.

We look at and give advice on:

Diet and Nutrition

  • Digestibility, caloric content, quality of ingredients
  • Discussion of any new developments in the use of stage-of-life diets, food supplements, or food additives (e.g., omega-3 fatty acids, nutraceuticals)
  • Attention to ingredients that might affect disease in older pets

Dental/Oral care

Weight control

Maintaining mobility via exercise or therapeutic intervention

Pain management

Mental health and cognitive function

  • importance of routine and predictable environment;
  • environmental enrichment;
  • companion pets and social interaction;
  • discussion of brain aging;
  • monitoring signs of cognitive decline

Preventative medicine

  • as pets age their immune system is not as effective so regular worming, flea treatment and vaccinations are essential

Diagnostic tests

  • to check internal organ function and pick up on any issues early
  • examples of common conditions in ageing pets are hormonal disorders, kidney disease, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis etc