At Koru Vets, we offer the services of Euthanasia and Cremation with trusted Pet Cremations Ltd (over 25 years of service ), a sensitive and tasteful way to remember your pet.

Special/Private Cremation

With this service, pets are placed in individual positions within the cremation chamber, the individual cremains are processed and returned to the owner in a receptacle of their choice.

Communal Cremation

This is a cost-effective option provided as a humane means of final disposal. Pets are cremated together in groups. This service caters to pet owners who do not wish to retain the remains of their loyal friend but still wish for their pet to have the highest duty of care.

Cremation is the process of reducing the body of a pet by exposing it to intense heat. Through high heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic mineral form. Although the remains are commonly called “ashes”, the correct term is “cremains”. Humane and safe, cremation is the accepted manner of disposition, endorsed by animal lovers and doctors.

Container Options
Ashes Only (Scatterbox)

White cardboard box wrapped in tissue paper with ribbon and rose. By far our most preferred option, your pet is elegantly presented to you in one of four sizes (for a small, medium, large or extra large pet), and caters to those who wish to retain their beloved pet’s remains for burial or dispersal.



Wooden Casket

Ashes returned in a wooden casket available in a selection of sizes with an engraved plaque for remembrance or burial.
Many items can be personalised to best represent how your pet impacted you and your family’s life. We offer engravings on gold plate and/or photo plaque that can be attached to the wooden casket.


Pet Rock

Remember your pet forever with this lovely pet cremation rock. This rock is made from High Strength TuffCrete and comes with colour fast, non-fading plaque. Available in black, white and natural grey.




Gold Plate

Different fonts and styles are available with wording to your wishes (size permitting). We have an 80mm x 40mm size for most

of the engravings, a much bigger size of 120mm x 80mm is also available for those with long messages.



Photo Plaque

The photo of your pet is transferred to this metal plaque. This photo plaque is mounted on top of the wooden casket