Start Your Puppy Off On The Right Paw

Our nurses run a super fun class which also includes general advice on puppy care, some great giveaways including free worming and flea treatment and an invaluable resource in the Dog Manual.

The class consists of three one-hour sessions and is designed to:

  • Socialise your puppy and make it a well behaved and enjoyable pet to own
  • Train it in basic obedience work using the principles of positive reinforcement
  • Learn the ins and outs of keeping your puppy healthy and fit
  • Teach you about the normal behaviour of dogs and how to recognise and treat early problems
  • Provide an opportunity for your puppy to enjoy coming to the clinic. Informative talks are generally given about every aspect of basic training and preventative health care, including: Grooming, Flea and worm control, Vaccination, De-sexing, Dental care, Nutrition, Toilet training, Play, Toys and Mental stimulation, Preventing undesirable and unwanted behaviours

Puppy Pre-School Benefits:

  • Helps form the bond between owner and puppy
  • Socialises the puppy
  • Encourages responsible pet ownership.
  • Establishes a hierarchy within the family – pup comes last.
  • The vet clinic becomes familiar to the puppy – less stress
  • Training of the puppy – help prevent any undesirable behaviours from occurring.



Puppy Class graduates also receive a 10% discount on neutering. For more information on puppy classes phone the clinic on 07 572 4202 or send us an email [email protected]